• 10+ years of experience
  • 7+ years managing a team
  • Recruiting and training
  • Over a decade at Discovery Communications, home of Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet


  • Management
  • 360° Campaigns
  • Branding
  • Logo Development
  • Packaging
  • Event Creative

The Lab

In 2009, I launched The Lab within Discovery’s creative agency. The Lab served as an incubator for emerging talent. We worked across brand teams on multifaceted campaigns and managed high-volume day-to-day projects. 

I worked strategically in recruiting and training top talent that fit our client’s needs. I developed the team to be flexible and dynamic in the changing media landscape. We quickly become a reliable resource for our clients.

Logistical Design Process

As DVD sales declined, the Digital Media team at Discovery began offering electronic sell-through (EST) – which allowed Discovery branded shows to be purchased online. I directed the high-volume creative that elevated the content on these artwork-driven platforms. These visual assets drove double-digit sales increases year over year.

Brand Creative Direction

Discovery Fit and Health had the challenge of marketing shows with little to no budget. As the Creative Director on the Agency side, I developed creative solutions to fit their budget and activate their audience. Through social media, we engaged and informed viewers with contests and surveys. This social platform fit the budget and created opportunities to supplement on-air programming.  



360° Campaign

Discovery Atlas is a four-part documentary series depicting the lives of people all around the world. The series was the first full HD-only series produced by Discovery using technology that gave it a cinematic beauty unlike anything done at that time. 

We created a 360° campaign that focused on the vibrant stories of the people and places featured in the show.


Discovery Communications is a global company with a wide array of networks that produce many shows throughout the year. The premiere event is a key aspect of show promotion. I collaborated with the event teams to design engaging promotional materials and signage for these show premieres.

Rollup Mockup - FrenchOpen.jpg


Our Agency’s support to the networks at Discovery required more than design and production. We also provided ideation, titling and strategic planning. We added value to the promotion of products and initiatives through brainstorming concepts that gave new perspectives to our clients. My team’s unique ability to work on all stages of the creative process made us an asset that delivered on strong ideas.